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Robots are helping us to reimagine the automation of physical processes with machines increasingly able to take on more tasks. From airports, to hospitals, to manufacturing plants, robots are autonomously cleaning, delivering, dispensing, monitoring, and more, freeing up your staff to take on more valuable work. Together with our partners, we deliver a comprehensive approach to connect, monitor, and control your robots - at scale.

Business challenge

Robots are only as effective as your ability to manage them. For maximum operational efficiency, and to scale the use of robotics across your business, you need a one-to-many system that centralises and integrates your robots with your existing business systems.


Integrating the Rocos Robot Operations Platform provides the agility to quickly update mission routes, optimise schedules, and deploy more assistance as needed. From this centralised platform, your robots are managed as a collective, rather than in isolation. You can visualise robots on a map, send commands, and teleoperate your robots remotely, as required. As your fleet scales or your business processes evolve, you can simply add additional robots to the operations platform. If robots need replacing or upgrading, it’s only the robot, rather than the domain-specific integration and coordination software, that will need to be updated, therefore minimising cost and disruption to your business operations.


We work in collaboration with the team at Rocos to fully understand your existing business challenge, investigate the use-case for physical automation in your business, and deliver a proof-of-concept to help you visualise and validate your return on investment. We’ll make pragmatic recommendations that enable your business to more easily orchestrate robotics as part of your end-to-end business process.

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